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Featured Artists

Patricia Canelake

Simple figurative, and animal subjects, leashed and unleashed, are the subjects of her work.  She believes that push and pull are recognizable experiences.  Her painting style is a fine balance between storytelling and the rough elegance of form, line and color.

Patricia Canelake lives and works in Knife River, Minnesota, a small fishing village on the north shore of Lake Superior. She works on her painting and printmaking in her two small renovated studios. These small rural studios inform her practice immensely and her work often spills out into a large yard where she can stretch canvases outdoors or bring canvases to dry in the northeast winds.


Featured Artists

Paula Gustafson

Paula Gustafson is a landscape painter from Grand Marais Minnesota. It is the love of painting combined with the love of nature and the built world that drives her work. Rarely painting inside  she opts to paint on location plein air. Only very cold Minnesota weather will keep her in the studio." Painting outside may also provide a lively story or two to go with the painting". In fact many of those stories are catastrophic events that range from weather challenges to animal and bug encounters to sometimes," having to follow my easel and painting into a lake, taking a bath as it were for arts sake".

Paula's art invokes all the power and energy of the scene she has painted while leaving the viewer with a sense of serenity. 


Ron Piercy

An artistic career that began  in the early sixties continues today with an ever renewing creative spirit.


Stone as a central element in the works of Ron Piercy:   With the first silver and gemstone ring back in the 60's to the large scale marble and granite sculptures completed between 1990 and 2012,  stone has been the focus.

Returning to his roots as a silversmith  Ron Piercy is once again focusing on the stone. Each day he creates one of a kind jewelry in this gallery studio where you can watch the process from start to finish.


Cheryl Leclair Sommer

Cheryl was raised in a small house in a rural area in northern Michigan.  Her mom would shove Cheryl and her siblings out the door on most days, to spend the countless hours in the fresh air and sunshine.  This is where her love of the natural world began, these young years spent investigating the surrounding fields and woods.

It is no wonder than that Cheryl became a Plein Air Painter.

"Painting outdoors is such a rush", "Capturing the light before it shifts and fades, all the while focused on this small canvas semmingly carved out of the greater natural world"

Cheryls art conveys the feeling of presence, as though you were standing at that curve in the road or listening to the splash of the never ending waves upon the shore, the silence of a lone tree in a medow.

Mouse Island
Enticing Shoreline oil on linen panel  14" x 11"

Featured Artist

Matt Kania  " The Susie's" oil on board

Matt Kania

Matt Kania: "I am a professional oil painter and original printmaker. I have been direct painting - mostly plein air - for 10 years and love how this form of artistry connects me to the surrounding world.  It is thrilling to create something on canvas that in a way conveys how I felt to be at that place or in that particular situation.

The act of painting enriches my joy for being alive and helps me to be fully cognizant of my environment".


Linda Ricklefs Baudry

It is a passion for color and texture that has led artist Linda Ricklefs Baudry to the use of pastels in her art.  This new medium has developed a new vocabulary, a new expression of her ongoing relationship with nature.

Intimately involved in the process, she directs and moves the pure color with  her fingers and hands.  It is in this way that she develops her imagery, an interaction between her and the paper surface.

"Exploring the richness of color and playing with the vibrancy of life, I search beyond what the eye sees to find the inner celebration. From bold backlit profiles and deep shadows to ethereal shifting assumptions, I am continually intrigued with nature's dual aspects of fragility and strength."


Laurie Kania

I paint because I can - and the creative process is an act of gratitude. To paint is to connect with a rich history of painters with an unlimited potential for exploration and growth. I am grateful to be able to paint and see what can be created. Painting teaches me patience, perseverance, humor and how to see - and it is a fine companion to the outdoor travel that I love. Painting en plein air is one way that I can connect to the world around me.

Featured Art


Laurie Kania

"Years of Service" Oil on Board


Matt Kania

"Pincushion in Spring" Oil on Board


Linda Ricklefs Baudry

Storm Series "Prevail" Pastels on Paper

Featured Artist

Jeanne Headstrom


Oil on Board   detail 

Jeanne Headstrom


Oil on Board    detail

Jeanne Headstrom


Oil on Board    detail

Featured Artists


Paula Gustafson

"Churn" Oil on Board


Pauls Gustafson

"Superior Rocks and Water" Oil on Board


Cheryl Leclair Sommer

"Foggy Point" Oil on Board

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